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Choices Unlimited Inc. is a Metaphysical Gift Store and
Spiritual Learning & Healing Center Located in Southwest Lower Michigan
since October 13th, 1987.

"We Support All Paths"

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Featured Practitioner for May!

 Jo Emerson
Available 7 Days a week!
(By appointmant only.)

In her time of phenomenal enlightenment, Jo has become an Advanced Reiki and Illuminata practitioner. It is important to her that her clients receive a high form of relaxation (relief from stress) and/or enjoy a healing of body, mind and spirit. It is a gift to provide Reiki to the Senior Group at the Oakwood Community Center in Kalamazoo. Reiki has been received as a beautiful healing energy at the OCC. It has also been a gift to assist in providing Reiki with those of the Light long distance with positive results. By appointmant only.

Please call 269-552-9102 to make your appointment.


Pink Diamonds or Pink Diamond?
May 17th class with Susan Graham!

1:00pm to 3:00pm, an investment of $25.00
The Pink Diamond-Heart Attunement anchors the Energy of the Divine Self Chakra(18 inches above the head) into the physical body(heart center), allowing for a profound shift in one's Energy. This can facilitate moving through life situations with increased gentleness, ease, grace and clarity.  This attunement will also facilitate gentle resolution of inner conflicts within the Self. This attunement is the Gold Standard of energy attunements.
Free Lecture ! - "Uses of Hypnotherapy" 
May 31st at 1:00pm.

Presented by Jewel Shelden, certified hypnotherapist, ordained minister, Reiki master, spiritual counselor, professional psychic, author & instructor in the occult arts.  
Perhaps you've wondered about the fast results that hypnotherapy can provide over the slow process of traditional talk therapy.  Jewel will present a brief synopsis of what it is and how you can benefit from trying hypnotherapy.
Special Event with Sherry Lord coming in June!
Visit the link below for more info about Sherry Lord.
Sunday, June 14th
Visions of the After Life with Sherry Lord!

2:00pm to 5:00pm
$45.00 - Please pre-register.
Life in the afterlife - what is it like? Where does the soul go after one passes? Understanding why people are stuck between worlds (ghosts). Can we connect with loved ones or animals, and if so, how? Can we help people cross over? In this class, Sherry will share her visions, insights, and understanding of the afterlife and will address any of your questions on this topic.
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 Locally Handmade Jewelry!



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