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If you're interested in having a reading or healing, please call 269-629-5507 to make your appointment. You can view all our Reader's Schedules by clicking the link below:

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Pat Muste - Pat will have you pick from a group of decks, put your energy into the cards and then cut them. By picking up the energy from the cards, your guides and angels will come to her for messages that they deem necessary for you at this time. Or if there is something on your mind, just ask. She is available for readings every Friday.  Please call ahead to schedule your time.  Pat's style of reading is very supportive and kind. By appointment only.


Deb Brown - Massage Therapist - Deb is an 11 year licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner. She has a sensitive and intuitive touch. Deb offers a fusion of Swedish and deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy and Reiki. Or she can customize a massage to your specific needs. Crystals and gemstones are sometimes used to assist in the healing. She realizes how emotional trauma and stress can create physical tension and disease in the body. Deb believes that human touch is essential to health and wellness, for your body mind and soul.

Deb is available for massage Monday - Saturday by appointment only. Please call Choices Unlimited Inc @ 269-629-5507 to make your appointment. You may also call Deb directly @ 269-303-2332 for info or to make an appointment.


Joan Cranmore - Joan uses her abilities to help you explore your options, opportunities for growth in all areas of your life, and to do so with honesty and integrity. She supports you in decision making and your journey home to yourself. For over 30 years Joan Cranmore has used her psychic abilities to read cards and channel messages from angels and spirit guides. She is a 1977 graduate of the Silva method of higher learning and a Reiki Master. She has taught many classes in Beginning Meditation, Developing Intuition, Angel Communication, Energy Healing and Past Life Regression.


Jewel Sheldon - Jewel has studied palm reading and dermatoglyphics for over 45 years. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, spiritual counselor, ordained minister & Reiki master. Besides teaching classes on such occult subjects as palmistry, numerology, psychic protection and card reading, she has entertained on the radio in Ann Arbor and at many corporate and college functions over the years. At the annual Great Lakes Retreat she is often a lecturer and psychic counselor. Check her website: spiritclear.info for class/event information. Jewel is the organizer of the West Michigan Spirit Faire.


Jo Emerson - Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced Degree in Illuminata (connecting with White Light), Chakra Cleaning (transformers of subtle energy) a gift from Spirit. Crystals and healing stones may be used to assist in balancing or improving the flow of life force. As an Energy Healing Practitioner, Jo is guided by spiritual consciousness to assist in healings. The Healing Energy Experience is different and unique for everyone, as is, our life experiences and the energies we have acquired. We will work to release the stress, trauma and negative information that is harmful to body, mind and spirit and no longer useful.


Maryesah Karelon, M.Div. C.Ht. - Intuitive Tarot, Subtle Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy - Are you on a journey of self-discovery? Are you seeking guidance for a new direction or at least your next step?  Do you need a supportive friend to assist you in your inner and outer healing? Maryesah is offering her services as spiritual counselor and symbologist, sharing her wisdom with the assistance of the Voyager Tarot and the Angel Tarot. These cards provide a positive, uplifting spiritual message while guiding the seeker within themselves to their own inner heart of knowing. Maryesah has been a student of mystical Christianity, spirituality and healing for over 25 years.  Interested in the paranormal since childhood, Maryesah now bridges the traditional and the non-traditional, combining her skills as a mystic intuitive with her training in a variety of healing modalities. She is a certified practitioner and teacher of Illuminata, an energy healing technique that is similar to an energy massage and requires no physical touch. Maryesah is also a certified hypnotherapist who specializes in age and/or past life regression, focusing particularly on such issues as removal of fears and blocks, enhancement of self-worth and spiritual awareness. Hypnosis is by appointment only. She understands her purpose as that of a wayshower and facilitator of healing in all its many forms.




Susan Graham - Susan is an Energy Healer, practicing in the Kalamazoo area for 10 years.  She is a Certified Karuna Reiki Master, Certified Advanced 13th Octave Laho-Chi Practitioner and an Access Consciousness Practitioner.  Susan is offering a series a classes at Choices teaching techniques to assist others in changing their energy for the better.  Susan has studied with many different teachers over the last 25 years, including Panache Desai, Linda Dillon and Fred Payne(Phoenix Vibrational Healing).
Mission Statement: the goal of my work is to provide each client/student with the appropriate tools to allow the mind, body and spirit to heal, along with the techniques required to maintain that enhanced state of well being on a permanent basis.
Pamela Leach - Do you have questions about your spiritual path? Your relationships? Your career? Your blocks to self-love? Pamela can help! Pamela is a seeker of wisdom, truth, joy and happiness. It is her belief that we are here at this time and in this place to bring love, joy and happiness to the world—even if only to one person at a time.
By whatever name, be it psychic, intuitive, mystic, channeler, prophet, spiritual healer or spiritual adviser, her gifts come from Godde, and she is here to serve.
Whatever your belief system and whatever the issue, Pamela will listen, tune in, and share what comes through. Her daily prayer is to be a clear channel and to tell the truth.
Please call 269-629-5507 to make your appointment.

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