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Monday, November 16, 2020

06:30 PM  
Helping Your Child Succeed Discussion Group w/ Cheryl Snyder

 Helping Your Child Succeed Discussion Group w/ Cheryl Snyder



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This event is being set up to help parents, help their children be successful in school and in life. This discussion group is for parents of children of any age, with or without spiritual gifts! The people of the world are awakening! The veil is thinning more all the time and many children are born who are experiencing spiritual gifts. Some of these gifts are premonitions, seeing spirits/ orbs, being empathic, recalling past lives, etc.

It is my pleasure to share with you techniques that will help the both you and your child deal with any anxiety, fear, anger/ aggression, or sadness that may develop due to a lack of understanding of these gifts.

This discussion group is also for any parent whose child is struggling in school academically and/ or socially.

Sarah Wiseman, Meg Blackburn Losey, and Doreen Virtue are all well-known and respected authors. Each of them have mentioned the possibility of misunderstanding and underestimating children with special needs. At times, a child who struggles in school is labeled ADD, ADHD, EI (Emotionally Impaired), ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), Autistic or simply pointed out as a trouble-maker or even a victim of bullying.

When we understand the definition of an Empath and/or a Spiritually Advanced Child, we find that some of these children were misdiagnosed. I believe that through a discussion about situations and behaviors, we may find answers together which will be of great assistance.


Basic mindset: We are here to help the children and each other learn coping skills and self-care when it comes to a relationship with ourselves and with others.

Reasoning: Why practice these techniques? So that we are able to control and eventually prevent those thoughts and behaviors that make us anxious, fearful, sad, angry, ashamed, etc.

Some of the topics that will be covered are: • How we are all connected • Lifting your vibration and the ripple effect that takes place. • Thought patterns or self-talk and how these can eventually become addictive • Shame • Pivoting • Meditation – guided and self, both individualized as best as possible • Mindful Breathing a.k.a Breathwork • Being Authentic • Role Playing situations PLUS MORE...

Much of what will be covered will depend upon what is needed for the child as a student and peer also what is needed to help the child and parent relationship. All discussions will include techniques and strategies, Q&A, and feedback about what works and what doesn’t work.