Saturday, March 14, 2020

11:00 AM  
Auras by Any Name with Carol Hoeve

Auras by Any Name

Instructor: Carol Hoeve

Time: Session 1: 11am - 2pm   

                       ( 2pm - 3pm Break )

             Session 2: 3PM -5:40PM

Cost: $30/session

This is an experiential workshop dedicated to teaching you to perceive the human aura by seeing, sensing and feeling it.

* What is an aura and how does it serve you?

* Do their colors or density hold answers to health issues or even past lives?

* What effects your aura and how does it affect you?


Carol will be helping you discover the answers to these question and more.

* In addition, Carol will be drawing an attendee's name from the hat to assist in the visual demonstrations.

* This volunteer will receive a chalk pastel sketch of their aura (a $75 value) free.