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Saturday, October 30, 2021

11:00 AM  
Michael Blue, Astrologer



Michael Blue, Medical Astrologer and Clinical Herbalist, Karuna Reiki practitioner, Usui Reiki teacher and practitioner, and Urevia practitioner

Michael is very thorough and in order to give him time to organize and graph the energies in your chart, he suggests calling a week ahead with:
your name, date & time of birth, and the name of the city & state you were born in. 
During your first session with Michael, he will explain the energies that
take place within your chart.

INITIAL SESSION: 60-90 minutes
ADDITIONAL SESSIONS:$60 for 60 minutes
Additional sessions include current transits & how they interact with your chart, planetary aspects with the chart, and setting up an in-depth plan of how to use the information presented. 
Michael will be joining us to give people and understanding of their birth chart.  He says, "It is my goal as a practitioner, to not only give you a thorough breakdown of your Natal Chart but also to give you a practical and real world application for the information.  I do not do prediction based Astrology because I believe the and our chart are full of limitless potential energies that can lead us down many paths and are truly, in my opinion, impossible to fully predict." Michael uses Medical Astrology and Clinical Herbalism. "This style of Astrology links the planets, nodes, and houses in your chart to not only our experience of reality but also to various organs, tissues, and parts of the body, mind and spirit."  As an Herbalist, he believes "we all have a Vital Force, the central fire of your spirit, and aims to strengthen that in coordination with your planetary energies and overall constitution in a practical way. "  (The information given is "for educational purposes and is in no way meant to treat, prescribe, or diagnose conditions of any kind."  Although, he is "happy to work in conjunction with your professional healthcare practitioner.")